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Security for your values redefined

Deep in the Swiss mountains

Services / High security storage

Safes / High security rooms

Our unique infrastructure enables the storage of valuables at the highest guaranteed security level, despite low locker costs. Precious metals, jewelry, cash or data carriers can be stored securely within the facility in safes and safe deposit boxes, independently of banks or bank safe deposit boxes. We have numerous safes and safe deposit boxes in various sizes. Even large-volume valuables such as art collections, sculptures or valuable musical instruments can be stored in completely separate, additionally secured rooms to which only the respective customer has access. Of course, our customers have 24/7 access to their vaults or rooms at any time by appointment.

The ideal data centre

In today's fiercely competitive environment, high-performance IT for controlling and storing all business processes is indispensable for all industries. The necessary security precautions and redundancies in possible crash situations can often only be realized by many companies through outsourcing. 

Only a few companies can offer permanently high performance and constant availability with optimum physical security.


We redefine security and reliability!

A modern data center must be protected against all elementary risks such as water or storm damage, lightning strikes, earthquakes, and even electromagnetic disturbances such as solar storms. Our entire data center infrastructure is located deep in the Swiss mountains in a former Swiss Army communications bunker built to the highest security standards. All physical security systems are at the highest technical level. All access controls have state-of-the-art configurations as well as multi-level biometric authentication. Continuously controlled organizational processes with regular security tests by our security specialists guarantee the highest level of security. 


Of elementary importance for any data center is permanent data availability, even in the event of an emergency. In addition to state-of-the-art fire protection technology, all conceivable failure scenarios are covered by our high-performance backup procedures. All processes are regularly checked by our internal quality management.

Our infrastructure meets all classification levels of availability classes for data centers. 

Virtual or colocation data center - outsourcing or in-house operation 

You can make extensive use of the unique configuration of our data center infrastructure. Through flexible service offerings, you benefit from the available IT resources and your virtual data center grows cost-effectively according to your desired needs and requirements. Computing power and storage capacity are cost-effectively and optimally tailored to your needs. We take a modular approach to planning and setup. We are able to react flexibly to your requirements and offer almost unlimited expansion options.


Set up and operate your IT infrastructure yourself? No problem! 

Your company requires specific hardware and also needs an optimal and secure location? With our service as a colocation provider, we offer you space over several thousand square meters. Our specialists will be happy to support you in planning and realizing your wishes.


As a Swiss company, Helvetic Secura AG is subject to the Swiss legal system, which means that our customers can rely on the greatest possible protection of their data.

Highest security, comprehensive service and 24/7 access

Our impassable high-security systems are permanently monitored and guarantee access, limited to authorized persons. All access controls are biometrically configured on multiple levels, but allow Helvetic Secura AG customers smooth access to their rented high-security areas at all times, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


The complete infrastructure of Helvetica Secura AG guarantees full redundancies of critical supply systems such as energy, water, internet as well as the safeguarding of cooling systems. 

We are equipped with direct grid connection contracts and own medium voltage transformers. Our facilities are also equipped with several extremely powerful and reliable 16 kV diesel emergency generators. Set up for disaster situations, the entire infrastructure of the plants can be supplied with sufficient energy for several months in the event of an emergency.

Safe energy and emergency power supply


One of our most important goals at Helvetic Secura AG is to offer our customers the most secure storage and data infrastructures in Switzerland with the highest possible customer service. We provide this service around the clock and independently of third parties such as banks. 

Private or business clients have the possibility to store all kinds of assets, regardless of size, or to use our outstanding data center infrastructures. In our company philosophy, all disaster scenarios, even hypothetical ones, are taken into account in order to protect your valuables against any threats. It can be proven that the security system of Helvetic Secura AG is certified according to ISO and SES.

Should there still be a need for even more security, we offer various insurance options. 



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