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High security system - unique and qualitatively unattainable


Our facilities are former bunker objects built by the Swiss Confederation for top secret projects of the Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) and Civil Protection and no longer needed.


Helvetic Secura AG took over these high-security facilities and professionally upgraded them with state-of-the-art technology for use as a data center as well as a storage facility for valuables. Prior to taking over these facilities, our company had to undergo an extensive audit by the Swiss military administration and met all quality and security checks.


Without exaggeration, these facilities are among the most secure locations in the world. Our high security facilities meet all standards of the highest security level. They are protected against floods, nuclear attacks, electromagnetic solar storms and even poison gas attacks. Your valuables and data are well protected at all times by extensive internal autonomous security and utility systems.

Not convinced? Contact us and see for yourself on site!

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